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In continuous dialogue with its environment, this condo complex showcases contemporary architectural aesthetics. Indeed, its geometrically articulated and finely modulated facades define a distinctive visual signature unmatched in Montreal.

Leveraging the site configuration, a pedestrian footpath unites the entire project. By linking the three main volumes of the U31 condo complex at the heart of Rosemont—La Petite-Patrie, the footpath offers a stately procession of squares and gardens that give the varied facades a sense of shared community.

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The U31 condo complex is deeply rooted in the Rosemont-Petite Patrie urban landscape. The HUMÀ design team wanted to affirm this decidedly urban aesthetic to the interiors, imparting a distinctive finesse and chic styling throughout.

The kitchen and bathroom designs of each condo marry simple sobriety to a richness of materials and finishes. The quality of architectural spaces and design dovetail at U31 to create a unique project in Montreal that meets residents’ needs for a living environment that is at once urban, quiet and convenient, and near all services. 

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The rooftop terrace offers an inimitable place for relaxation and fun. Or, simply stretch out and drink in the Montreal cityscape and breathtaking views of Mount Royal. At once dining room and kitchen area with barbecue, the terrace enlivens evenings and weekends with friends or family. You’ll find a lounge area furnished with chaise longues for sunbathing, a pool surrounded by tubs of flowering perennials and a green wall that imparts a decidedly tropical flavour. 

Designed as an extension of the courtyard, the lobby is a public meeting place whose glass expanses offer vistas of vegetation, colour and light that positively magnify the sense of space.

Accessed via a footpath, the generously proportioned lobby of the condo building features metallic plant motifs that serve to internalize the surrounding gardens. A lounge area and gym occupy this transitional space and are sure to be enjoyed by condo residents. 

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Serving as both entrance forecourt and meeting space to condo owners, the square is open to Sherbrooke Street and welcomes visitors across a broad floral-motif footpath that extends to the lobby. Condo U31’s islands of greenery play dual roles. They are natural relaxation and meeting spaces in Montreal and, by collecting rainwater, they also serve an ecological purpose.

Islands of true refreshment and repose, the U31 gardens offer spaces that are both diverse and unifying. To the east, a raised footpath rings a broad open lawn and garden generously planted with trees, shrubs and perennials. To the west, a patch of forest appears amidst a colourful flowering meadow. Ecology is at the service of people, offering the pleasures of an urban oasis — the ideal setting for calm, relaxation and recreation. These common spaces serve as counterpoint to private terraces lined with potted and ornamental gardens ready for every pleasure.

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Located in the growing residential sector of Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie, residents of the U31 condo complex are only steps away from various points of interest. SEE MAP

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